About Me

In January 2010 my friend asked me to design a T-Shirt website for him, and since then I’ve spent a lot of time building reliable software. Here’s a list of stuff I’ve been working on.

I currently work at Shyp, a logistics company. You can see some of the work I did for them on the “Projects” page. For the three summers before that, I worked at Twilio, Atlassian, and the Excel in Basketball Camp at De La Salle High School in Concord, CA.

I started this blog to give my friends and family an idea of what I’m reading and thinking about, to sharpen my thoughts, and to improve my own writing. I read plenty of books, papers, blogs and magazine articles, and this blog is an ideal place to share the things I am reading and thinking about.

I don’t play video games, and watch only the occasional TV show, but I spend about three hours a day reading. I funnel most communication into my email and Twitter.

I have a fairly small political identity. If I could change one government policy, I would open America’s borders to more immigrants. I also favor higher taxes on energy and think most ‘green’ behavior is just signaling. A Facebook group I started was featured in the Economist. If there’s one phrase I could use to sum up my worldview, it would be that the world is getting better all the time.

My favorite charities are Givewell, GiveDirectly, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

If you would like to get an update when I write a new post, consider using an RSS reader, or sign up to receive an email when I write something new. Send me an email here. If you want to read the same things I’m reading, you can download the list of RSS feeds I read (OPML). I’m also on Twitter.

I live in San Francisco with my girlfriend Laura and our cat Manu.

Comments are heavily moderated.